The Art of The Dream, with William J. Ventimiglia, D. Min.

Date – September 28th, 2024
Time-  10 am – 3 pm
Cost- $120
In-person seminar

What is a dream?  In his Zarathustra Seminar Jung opines: “…our dreams are like windows that allow us to look in . . .  to that psychological process which is continually going on in our unconscious.”  What does this window reveal?  The dream is an aesthetic creation of the unconscious emerging from the trends of conscious everyday living against the backdrop of timeless and archetypal imperatives of the objective psyche.  Two intentionalities are at play—that of the ego and that of the Self.  There is a balance that dreams portend—a possibility of walking more securely along our authentic path.  The focus of this brief seminar will be a presentation of basic and essential skills useful in the art of dream interpretation as practiced by C.G. Jung and M.L. von Franz.

Wm. J. Ventimiglia, D.Min. is a graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute of Zürich with a long career practicing classical Jungian analysis in a hybrid modality with post-Freudian and contemporary trends in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Date and Time:

Saturday, September 28th, 2024
10 am – 3 pm
Location: 21 Hartford Street, Newton, MA 02461
Cost: $120

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“The Art of the Dream”
Cost: $120
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