From Medieval Alchemy to Jungian Psychology, Part II, with Kaye Lindauer, MS, MLS, M.Div

Date – September 18, 2024
Time –  7 pm – 9 pm
Cost – $60
On Zoom

Join us in our second, yet stand-alone seminar to learn more about Jung & Alchemy!

Carl Jung discovered that a metaphoric look at the process of the transformation of metals, as it was understood by the alchemist, illuminated his own work on psychological development and individuation process.


A historic overview of alchemy will continue to lead into an exploration of core concepts of Jungian psychology in our seminar. Additional illustrations from alchemical text and symbolic images will be included as part of our second presentation.

The alchemists used the phrase ‘as above so below, as below, so above’ and believed in a unified force in all aspects of nature. Philosophy, science, and psychology will continue to come together in Ms. Lindauer’s insightful and unique presentation.


Kaye Lindauer, MS, MLS, M.Div., has had an interest in literature and psychology for the last fifty years. She has taught at the graduate level, as well as adult education courses and has coordinated conferences and retreats. For the last thirty plus years she has taught at the Chautauqua Institute in New York State. Dickinson’s and Jung’s writings on soul and the dualities of life have been a focused interest of Kaye’s. Ms. Lindauer has attended and studied at numerous programs in Ireland, Switzerland and the US on Jungian psychology.

Date and Time:

Wednesday, September 18, 2024
7 pm to 9 pm, (EST) via Zoom
Cost: $60

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“From Medieval Alchemy to Jungian Psychology, Part II”
Cost: $60



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