Foundations of Jungian Psychology Certificate Program

The C.G. Jung Institute of New England is pleased to announce the Foundations of Jungian Psychology Certificate Program (FCP), an intensive study of the fundamentals of Jungian psychology and their application to one’s personal life and career. Participants are encouraged to attend in-person for a richer learning experience. Distance learners or those otherwise limited in their ability to travel can participate in the program remotely, via Zoom.



In this program, participants will study the foundational ideas of Jungian theory and practice. The 9-month program is composed of classes that will meet on one Saturday of each month, September through June.

Courses will include Jungian theory and its practical application for psychotherapy, personal growth, and as a prism through which to view the culture and times in which we live.

A certificate acknowledging completion of the FCP will be awarded to participants after completion of the entire program and the submission of a program evaluation form. Attendance at 80% of all classes is required to receive the certificate.

There will also be a dinner to honor all participants at the conclusion of the program.


Who Should Apply

The FCP is open to all those interested in furthering their knowledge of Jungian psychology as it might enhance their professional work and personal development. Class participants may include medical and mental health professionals, pastoral care providers, educators, artists, and individuals who have had a longtime interest in Jung.



 The FCP meets over the course of 9 months during which time participants will study subjects such as:

  • Jung’s map of the psyche
  • Personal and Collective Unconscious
  • The Archetypes: Persona, Ego, Shadow, Anima-Animus, and the Self
  • Theory of Complexes
  • Individuation
  • Theory of Dreams
  • Active Imagination
  • Myth, Fairy Tale, and Symbol
  • The religious function of the psyche
  • Jung and Freud
  • September 2024 – May 2025 Curriculum and Class Summary



Our faculty are certified Jungian analysts and members of the C.G. Jung Institute of New England or other individuals with a demonstrable background and expertise in the life of C.G. Jung and his work.



The FCP meets on the third Saturday of each month, September through May, except for December when classes meet on the second Saturday. Classes are 2.5 hours in length, with a one-hour lunch break. Syllabi and suggested readings will be provided.

September 2024 – May 2025 Curriculum and Class Summary



The cost of the FCP 9-month program, consisting of forty-five hours of instruction, is $1250.

Payment Plans: Payments can be made in installments, with payment in full expected by the first class in September of the program year. Those requesting alternative payment plans may contact the Institute Administrator.

Refund Policy: Refunds can be requested before the October session if a participant chooses to withdraw (minus a 10% administrative fee).

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) 45 CEUs are available for social workers and mental health counselors. The C.G. Jung Institute of New England maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

The Fee for CEUs is $50 and is added to the cost of tuition.

To accommodate licensing boards that do not require prior approval, your Certificate of Completion serves as proof of attendance.



Online application form will be available here on March 1st, 2024.

Alternatively, applications may be posted or e-mailed to the following addresses:

E-mail:  (Subject: Foundations Certificate Program)

Mailing Address:
The C.G. Jung Institute of New England, Inc.
21 Hartford Street
Newton, MA 02461

In-person class size is limited to 30 participants and registrations are on a first-come first-served basis. There is no class size limit to the Zoom room.

Applications for the Foundations Certificate Program beginning in September are due by Sept. 1st.



For more information, please contact the Institute Administrator, Deborah Warfield, at

The C.G. Jung Institute of New England, Inc.
21 Hartford Street
Newton, MA 02461

Phone: (617) 796-0108
Fax: (617) 796-0109