Jung, Chagall and The Genius Archetype- Part II with Olga Turcotte, MIM

Date – November 23, 2024
Time –  1 pm – 3 pm
Cost – $60
On Zoom

Join us in our second, yet stand-alone seminar on Jung and the genius archetype, where we are going to look at and discuss some of Marc Chagall’s paintings from a Jungian point of view.

Marc Chagall, I and the Village, 1911

Mark Chagall (1887-1985), an almost-contemporary of Jung, is considered one of the greatest image-makers of the 20th century.

He was a lonesome visionary, a citizen of the world, a stranger lost in his inner and also sometimes outer world.

Chagall’s use of the canvas to express the inner so as to make sense of the outer, using simple-looking yet symbol-loaded images, is a prime example of how the unconscious works to help us find a balance, and hopefully some meaning, between the two worlds.

No prior knowledge of Chagall’s or Jung’s works is required. All relevant material will be provided; just bring along your curious minds!

Olga E. Turcotte is a lecturer based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the current Public Programs Director at the Institute. She has lived and studied in seven countries and has worked in the fields of corporate finance, non-profit management, consulting and education. Her areas of focus are literature, religion and symbolism.

Date and Time:

Saturday, November 23, 2024
1 pm – 3 pm, (EST) via Zoom
Cost: $60

*If you are in a unique situation and do not have the financial resources to afford our fee, please email us at cgjungnepp@gmail.com


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“Jung, Chagall and The Genius Archetype- Par II”
Cost: $60
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