Welcome to the C.G. Jung Institute of New England

The C.G. Jung Institute of New England, Inc. (Institute), is dedicated to promoting knowledge and understanding of analytical psychology consistent with the theories and methods originated by Carl Gustav Jung through a program for the training and practice of Jungian analysts, and through other educational programs and seminars, and scientific research.
Understanding and addressing the psychological underpinnings of individual and societal ills such as power imbalance, trauma, and violence while exploring ways to access joy, spirituality and life enhancement are central to all programs offered.

Scholarships to Further Racial Diversity

The Institute welcomes applications from persons who will assist us in moving closer to the ideals of diversity. Click for more information on our Diversity Scholarships.


The Institute is committed to understanding and redressing the injustices and inequities created by our country’s legacy of racism. The Institute is dedicated to acknowledging the collective shadow in which systemic racism persists and influences society, institutions, and individuals. We are committed to the development of a curriculum, programs, hiring practices, and our own psychic development in order to create and sustain a truly just and equitable community.