The Film:The Shape of Water: The Emergence of Voice, Michelle Seligson, M.Ed., IAAP

We will view the film, The Shape of Water, and discuss it both from a Jungian symbolic perspective, and also as an iconic example of a mute woman finding her voice. We will discuss the relevance of the film’s themes during the “Me Too” movement as a reflection of emergent feminism.

Cost: $45  3 MHC and SW CEUs offered


Michelle Seligson, M.Ed., IAAP is a Jungian analyst and member of the Training Board of the C.G. Jung Institute – Boston. From 1979 to 2007 she was a senior research associate at Wellesley College Centers for Women. She founded the National Institute on Out of School Time and authored several books, including Bringing Yourself to Work, a professional development resource for children care educators. In 2004 Micki joined Pamela Boll in producing a documentary film, Who Does She Think She Is? featuring five women artists whose work and experiences as artists, mothers, and community members were explored.

*IAAP (International Association for Analytical Psychology)

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“The Film:The Shape of Water: The Emergence of Voice”
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