Summer Intensive: The Individual and the Collective: Individuation During Turbulent Times

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Friday, June 25th and Saturday, June 26th, 2021

“No one can claim to be immune to the spirit of his own epoch or to possess anything like a complete knowledge of it. Regardless of our conscious convictions, we are all without exception, in so much as we are particles in the mass, gnawed at and undermined by the spirit that runs through the masses. Our freedom extends only as far as our consciousness reaches. ~ C.G. Jung

It has become commonplace to describe the times that we are living through as unprecedented. Still, it cannot be denied that the events of the past several years are likely to have a seismic impact on our world, our lives, and our psyches. We are surrounded by many crises — a global pandemic, an environmental emergency, political unrest, the struggle for justice, and more. One effect of these overlapping crises is to bring into sharp relief the vital and, at times, volatile relationship between the individual and the collective.

The objective of the 2021 Summer Intensive will be to explore this relationship in depth. What is the state of our collective life today? What are its dangers? What are its potential benefits? What kinds of responsibilities do we as individuals have toward our collective life and how can we influence it in a creative and constructive way? How are we called to live in this world and what can we offer to its healing? Over the course of this weekend, four analysts will guide us through reflections on these questions and more.



FRIDAY, JUNE 25th, 2021

9 am – 12:30 pm:

Jason E. Smith, MA., IAAP

According to Carl Jung, Moby-Dick is the greatest American novel. It is a book that resounds with powerful archetypal and mythic depths. It reveals crucial insights into the collective psyche of America and, indeed, the world. Its portrait of the monomaniac Ahab’s hunt for the White Whale has powerfully relevant things to say to us today about our relationship with nature, with Transcendence, and with each other.


12:30 pm – 1:30 pm Lunch break


1:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Brian Hobbs, M.Ed., IAAP

In this seminar we shall explore how ritual and custom contained and oriented members of traditional societies in the face of the fear of the unknown. We will utilize Mircea Eliade’s classic text, The Sacred and the Profane to gain an understanding of how the relation to the sacred enabled these individuals to locate themselves within the cosmos, and how, for the most part, this sense of the sacred has withered from the modern psyche. As Eliade illustrates, however, many of these religious rites persist in contemporary society in vestigial form, and we will take time to reflect on what these remnants might mean or point towards for us.


SATURDAY, JUNE 26th, 2021

9 am – 12:30 pm

Jill Fischer, PsyA, APRN, IAAP

We are living in the midst of a great upheaval. The global pandemic with its economic, political, social unrest, and contradictions will forever influence the course of history. A recent Kaiser Foundation poll found the pandemic affected the mental health of 56% of adults. Texts to a Federal Emergency Mental Health Line were up 1000% from 2020. Analysts, psychotherapists, and mental health workers need to adapt to these changing times. Brief and In-Depth short-term work allows us, from a Jungian perspective, to not only change the way we address current mental health problems but allows us to focus on the secondary health effects that will last beyond the pandemic itself.


12:30 pm – 1:30 pm Lunch break


2 pm – 5:30 pm

Erica Lorentz, MEd, IAAP

The Heroine’s Journey is essential for men and women to become whole. Jung illustrates it in the Red Book. Gandhi and Martin Luther King followed it. Countless unsung heroines have changed the world. The hero’s journey was popularized by Joseph Campbell, the famous mythologist. But the heroine’s journey has been diminished. In this program, you will follow the path of your heroine’s journey of initiation, psychological, and spiritual growth through fairytale, myth, history, and personal story. Nonviolent resistance all over the world is a manifestation of the Heroine’s Journey! It’s the only way to create real change. Join us for personal and collective transformation!

The Summer Intensive presenters:

Jill Fischer, PsyA, APRN, BC, IAAP, a Jungian Analyst and a board-certified advanced nurse practitioner with world-wide experience working with the dreams of individuals and groups both in-person and online. She is President of the Board of Directors and a training and supervising analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute of New England. Jill is presently the Director of Clinical Services at the Santa Barbara and Malinalco Healing Sanctuaries and is a Preceptor/lecturer in the Yale University School of Nursing GEPN Program. She co-wrote the section on Embodied Imagination in Barrett, Diedre and McNamara, Patrick, editors. Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreams [2 volumes]: The Evolution, Function, Nature, and Mysteries of Slumber, Greenwood, 2012.

Brian Hobbs, M.Ed, CAGS., IAAP,  is a Jungian Analyst with a private practice in Princeton, MA.  He has presented programs on creativity and on the concept of participation mystique for the Public Programs, and taught candidates in the analytic training program at the C.G. Jung Institute of New England. Special areas of interest include the dynamics of intersubjectivity and the representation of meaning. He is currently the Chairperson of the Training Committee of the C.G. Jung Institute of New England, where he has also served as treasurer and president of the training board.

Erica Lorentz, MEd, LPC,  IAAP, is a Jungian Analyst with a private practice in Northampton. She is a training analyst and has served on the Training Board at the C.G. Jung Institute of New England. Since 1986 she has lectured and taught workshops in the US and Canada.

Jason Smith, MA., IAAP, is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA. He is a past president of the C.G. Jung Institute of New England and currently serves as a training analyst and faculty member for the New England Institute. Jason is the author of Religious but Not Religious: Living a Symbolic Life published by Chiron Publications in October, 2020.



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12 MHC and NASW CEUs offered



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